Drive Your Digital Transformation with Process Bot One

Process Bot Suite

The process bot suite is a complete RPA platform, that allows users to build software robots, or bots, that can learn, mimic, and then execute rule-based business operations. Users may develop bots using process bots by studying human digital interactions. Demonstrate what you want your bots to accomplish. The Process Bot can communicate with any application or system in the same manner that people can, with the exception that Process bot can work around the globe, continuously, considerably quicker, and with 100% accuracy


The Process Bot Suite has altogether two tools, Process Bot One and Process Bot DWmaker. Process Bot Suite is one of the best RPA products available in the market.
Easy to learn and easy to develop a bot
No/Low code platform

Process Bot One

The process bot one is a core automation management, web application tool. It offers you the ability to access published robots, plan, implement, activate, analyze, evaluate, track, and secure each robot in your workplace. So you can now manage your digital workforce from anywhere through a browser.


The DWmaker is a desktop automation tool, which is installed in the windows server. It offers us to create a robot with a low/no-code platform. We can publish these robots into the process bot one using different kinds of DWmaker commands and can monitor remotely.

Release Notes

The Intelgic RPA tool adds new feature upgrades and enhances its automation capabilities to become a fully automated organization. These release notes updates you with future releases.