1. What is RPA? 

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a great way to automate business processes where software robots or Bots mimic human operation like a mouse click, form fill-ups, email handling, document parsing, etc. to execute business processes without or minimum human intervention. Robots can operate ERP, tools, and other applications and frameworks actually like humans. However, they are quicker, more precise, exceptionally secure, and always in working mode, and in this way, RPA saves huge time and of course reduces expenses. Also, it lessens the burden of human employees and allows them to focus on other significant things like wisdom-based decision making and learning.

The Definition: RPA is simply a digital technique to automate the repetitive business process without taking any help from humans. As RPA allows us to create robots or bots within the IT infrastructure to manage heavily loaded data or repetitive tasks brilliantly that too in a cost and time savvy way.