1. Release Notes #

This Document contains the released versions, new capabilities, and changed features for Intelgic’s RPA tool.

About Release Versions:

Intelgic follows the standard versioning policy to name the version of their product, such as  Major, Minor, and build versioning systems.

The first number is commonly known as the major version number. It’s mostly used to indicate large differences across builds (i.e. when you add many new features, you increment the major version). Components from the same product with different major versions are unlikely to be incompatible.

The minor version number comes after that. It might be a set of new features, a set of bug patches, or a set of minor architecture modifications. Components from the same product that differ by a minor version number may or may not operate together, and should not be used together.

The next number is commonly referred to as the build number. This might be incremented on a daily basis, with each “released” build, or with each build in general. There may be minor variations between two components that differ only in build number and are normally compatible. (June.07.2021) #

Starting with our First Stable Release with Digital Signature, you can enhance our DWmaker Automation tool, Before you upgrade or install, verify the compatibility of our DWmaker Automation tool. 17.2021) #

We have implemented the Diagnostic Log system/ Debug log system in the DWmaker. 

Details are: Debug logs are system-generated logs, that are provided along with each new interaction to your Dashboard. Developers can utilize these logs to figure out what went wrong and when in scenarios like errors will occur.

You can now use the Documentation Automation to perform document-related automation processes by using the below commands:

Command Description
Create Document You can create all types of documents
Read Document You can read all types of documents
Write Document You can write into all types of documents
Append Paragraph You can append text in all types of documents
Close Document You can close all types of documents
Format Text You can format the selected text in all types of documents
Find And Replace Text You can replace the text with new text in all types of documents
Save Document You can save all types of documents
Load Document  You can Load all types of documents 13.2021) #

Corrections and Enhancements:

  • There was a bug in the debug log system, it was not creating logs in some systems and also was consuming a lot of memory to create logs. The bug is fixed and the debug log system is now working properly.


  • You can now enjoy working with Excel Automation, as we have added some more commands into Excel Automation.
    • Create Pivot Table
    • Merge Cells
    • Reorder Columns etc.


Details are:




Create Pivot Table

A pivot table is a table of grouped values that groups individual elements from a larger table into one or more distinct categories.

Merge Cells

You can merge cells of Columns and Rows

Reorder Columns

You can re-arrange the columns 29.2021) #

Correction and Enhancements:

  • There was a bug in IMAP Get Email Automation, the emails with no subject were not able to read. This has been resolved and the IMAP Get Email is working as expected.

New Capabilities:

  • New commands were added to Data Table Automation:



    Convert HTML to Data Table

    Converts unstructured data to the structured data table.

    Excel Set Cell Range

    Sets the values of all cells in a specified range on a specified sheet in an Excel file, sets the data format for each column in the range, and defines range column headers.

    Conversion of  Document to PDF 

    Converts all kinds of documents to PDF

    Data Table Row Count

    Used to get the total number of rows present in the given data table 30.2021) #

Correction and Enhancements:  

We were getting an error with the Email Subject line with a null value. The issue has been solved in this new release. 10.2021) #

New Capabilities:

  • New commands were added to Document Automation.    



Create Table with Data

Used to create a table in the word document using the data

Add Blank Row or Column

Used to add a row/ column to the existing table in the given document

Delete Table Row or Column

Used to delete the given table row or column 

Format Text

Used to format the text in the given document.

Delete Table

Used to delete the existing table in the given document


  • Updated the feature of the Lookup Range command in Excel Automation: Lookup range stands for searching for a value in the middle of a range of possibilities.
  • We have updated the features like, Is Exact Match and Select Search for options. 1.2021) #

New Capabilities:

  • Send SMTP Email command has been updated, now we can able to send an email with multiple attachments
  • The New Command has been added to the Sring Operations. 



  • Remove White Space

Used to remove white space characters from the given text either from the Left side or /right side or from both. #

  • We have implemented GitHub Repository in our DWmaker automation Tool.
  • You can control your project version through Github.
  • Now the DWmaker automation tool supports multiple project directory systems. So you can save your project files in their respective project folders.
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